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THE RESULTS! And Round Two...

With apologies from the Worst Mod Ever on posting the results...what, two weeks late? *rueful grin* It's...uh...to heighten the anticipation. Yeah, that's it. :D

ANYway. There was a clear winner by a landslide, so I doubt you've all been waiting with baited breath. But to make it official, I am delighted to announce that glorfinniel's Journal!cake has, well, taken the cake! Congratulations! Have a banner:

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Which brings us to ROUND TWO. We'd declared this round to go until September 3rd, but I may be travelling then and won't be able to create a poll for voting...so does anyone want to co-moderate on this? Bueller? Alternatively we can just forego voting and contests and such and declare the comm open for any and all random submissions from here on in.


Well, the first round of delectable entries are in, and ready for your consideration!

You get to choose ONE entry that you consider the best of the SPN baking, using what ever criteria you see fit (some ideas: concept, theme, execution, detail, quality, yummy-ness, cracktastic-ness). I've linked to the entries if you'd like to refresh your memories.

And if you're wondering where the initial gingerbread men are, I figured it was only fair to exclude them since it was a conflict of interest as one of the community moderators. *beats down own competitive spirit in interest of ethics, dammit*

Poll #1017874 Cast your vote for The First Annual Supernatural Bake Off Round One Finals!

Which entry has your vote for best edible Supernatural item?

Notes/ Comments (optional)

Voting will go until 11 PM Eastern Standard Time of July 14th. I'll post the poll results after that.

Still want to get in on the bakeoff action? Don't forget that Round Two runs from July 15th to September 3rd!

Ze plan

Thanks to everyone who gave your feedback! So here's The Plan:

You can submit entries to the bakeoff (i.e. post your pictures) up to and including July 5th. Then this bakeoff will be Officially Closed.

Voting for a favourite will begin sometime on July 8th, and go until July 14th. (Assuming I can figure out how to create a poll. Heh.) The results will be posted on July 15th.

THEN, my friends, because there are still lots of us who do still want to compete, we will open a SECOND BAKEOFF running from July 15th to September 3rd.

Hope that works for everyone. Any questions or comments, just let me know!

Extension, anyone?

So co-mod missyjack and I were talking (okay, emailing) about extending the bakeoff deadline.

We have some wonderful entries, but we're wondering if people who haven't been able to do their projects would welcome more time? I know MJ still hasn't had a chance to work on hers, and I haven't had a chance to have a go at the Uber!Impala a friend and I have planned. Now that it's hiatus maybe people would be more interested in this - and for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, there might be a bit more time to do it now that it's summer.

It also gives us a chance to pimp it properly to different comms...er, not that I didn't get around to doing that originally, of course... *shifty eyes*

So what do you think? I was thinking maybe extending the contest until the end of the first weekend in September, and then vote after that. MJ's on a business trip this week, so I don't want to make any decisions while she's away - but I wanted to post something since a couple people have asked.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Still interested?

Apr. 22nd, 2007

I just stumbled here by a post from glorfinniel in lj comm dean_sam...

I'm speachless by watching the amazing bakeing-projects!

Funny enough, a few weeks ago I thought I'd be really original and bake the Metallicar (course I now have to see that others had the same idea already^^)
Well, it's not that good, but here're some

Keep baking ;P

OTP - Dean and the Impala.

My final aim here is to make a decent Impala cake for this competition (not very original, but I think it would look awesome.) Anyway due to Headington not having a single shop that sells black food colouring and me not having the time to run the 3 1/2 miles into Oxford I thought I'd do a practice (subbing black icing with plain chocolate).

Today I learned that candy molds do not equal cookie cutters and cannot be used as such.

I hope this apple pie was freakin' worth it!Collapse )

I'm going to do something else as soon as I decide what I want to do.

A few ideas to get the juices flowing...

Hey all, and welcome!

Just thought I'd share a few ideas that have come up talking with friends and co-workers over the last few days. Feel free to take any of them and run, or use them as a starting point for your own inspiration:

A 3-D gingerbread Impala.

Weapons lovingly carved out of chocolate.

Gingerbread cake men with a red berry filling - so when you cut them open they bleed. (Hey, it's a gory show!)

A Sammich. How about an actual Sammy-shaped sandwich?

Beefcake. Oooh yeah. (Remember, it doesn't have to be baking. Meat counts too!)

If you're curious to see what a few hours with a crazy Supernatural-inspired food idea can do (and haven't seen them already), you may want to check out the results of krakkernuts' and my gingerbread cake man insanity. Here are a few small pictures to whet your appetite:

May our ridiculously fun evening's photo gallery inspire you!